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 SELF ReClaimed Emotional Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching 

ReWrite Your Story with SELF ReClaimed.  If you are struggling with anger, trauma, depression, anxiety, food addiction, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, compulsivity, or you feel like it's time to rewrite your story and reclaim your life, SELF ReClaimed is for you.

SELF ReClaimed is a 5-part toolkit that uses three successful therapies: Positive Psychology, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, and Bibliotherapy to help you discover limiting beliefs that are holding you back and transform them into limit-less beliefs.  Through this profound process of guided self-transformation, you will be empowered to dig deeper into the reasons why you behave in fearful, self-defeating and self-sabotaging ways that have been adversely impacting the success of your physical wellness goals.

Our SELF ReClaimed toolkit and 6-Week Emotional Wellness Program of alternating weekly individual and group coaching sessions will help you:

  • Choose yourself
  • Embrace change
  • Find your passion
  • Find your purpose
  • Take responsibility
  • Live consciously
  • Develop more faith
  • Break the cycle
  • Develop goals
  • Change habits
  • Find balance
  • Release fears
  • Forgive
  • Become a life-long learner
  • Take action
  • Have gratitude
  • Find joy everyday
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Live, not just exist
  • Be healthy inside and out
  • Heal from pain
  • Trust yourself
  • Enjoy the journey
  • Leave a legacy

Here is what others have to say about SELF ReClaimed:

"I didn't have a clue who I was and what I was supposed to do. Working with the program has helped put me on a path to discover where I go from here. The exercises in the Chrysalis Journal require that you be an active participant in finding your new self. The Caterpillar Journal forces you to identify the beliefs that got you stuck and how they limit your growth. From there I worked on reframing and changing these beliefs into limit-less beliefs. This has been a challenging process but well worth the time and effort I’ve put into it." – SC, fitness trainer/ massage therapist

"I'm going to be completely honest, going through the SELF program is incredibly challenging. Challenging because this program makes you unearth things from your past that will be difficult to deal with. You will laugh, cry, and even become angry, but it is so rewarding because you learn to think of yourself in an entirely different light. You grow to respect yourself, cherish yourself, and most importantly, love yourself." – HS, nursing student

“SELF ReClaimed has opened up my fiancé and I to new possibilities. The program has helped us identify our own limiting beliefs and has shown us how our past thoughts and actions contributed to frustration, conflict and lack of communication. In addition, SELF ReClaimed helped us openly share our thoughts on important topics such as love and faith. This program has become a vital part of our journey together and will continue to guide us as we prepare for the next exciting phase in our lives." – KJ, manager

and our 6-Week Emotional Wellness Coaching Program:

"My experience with the 6-week program has been extremely positive and full of growth. With the exercises, I was able to choose what I wanted to work on and work through it at my own pace. Which was extremely helpful. I also liked how some of the work was more of helpful tips, i.e. the stress which allowed me to work on the topic but be able to take a deep breath and say “it’s not going to take an emotional toll on me to work through this one”. The entire program made me very self-aware and reflective, which I believe to be extremely important and allows one to continuing this process once the 6-weeks have been completed." - JF, manager

Check out this video which shares the parable of Cleo and Zoe, explains the three therapies in more depth, and walks you through how to use SELF ReClaimed.

What to expect from our Emotional Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Rest assured, you are not alone.  Our lifestyle coach will guide and mentor you through the process of emotionally transforming your life and well-being. 


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