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Nutritional Testing Lab Tests & Uses

 Analyzing your health at the bodies cellular level, we often will suggest certain scientific testing services that can help enhance our knowledge of what dietary specifications would be most appropriate for your current health status and weight loss goals.

A few of the tests that we order are: inflammatory markers,   MTHFR gene, and vitamin D.

Not everyone requires testing, however the more insight we have the better recommendations our dietitians can make.

Below are some more tests that we recommend, in addition to the prior mentioned. 

We also test for food sensitivities usually at the same time we do nutrient deficiencies.  We test for 264 foods to see what foods are causing inflammation for the disease you currently have or weight loss resistance.

  • DNA Stool Test
  • Stress Evaluation

Symptoms of Stress:

If you are experiencing these symptoms then stress is getting to you:

  • You are not sleeping well
  • You have no energy and you feel listless
  • You cannot handle stress like you used to
  • You cannot lose weight

How are the Results from a Stress Evaluation Useful?

We will analyze the stress evaluation results to determine how well your detoxification and gastrointestinal pathways are functioning.

We will then make supplement recommendations and coach you on how to handle stress in your daily life.The Stress Evaluation

The stress evaluation consists of a saliva test; you collect the sample at home.

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