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Natural Weight Loss and Wellness Programs In Michigan  

The best way to long term sustainable health to keep the toxins from entering the body low such as organic whole foods with the least amount of ingredients.  It is not about calories in and calories out anymore.  Our bodies are very smart and will store toxins in our fat cells to protect us from dis-ease.  Over time, the liver can't handle any more toxins coming in from the gut and our lungs, so we start to put on weight for no reason, "so we think."  Our emotions are also part of the weight loss journey.  If you have a negative outlook about yourself or a  spouse or any bad relationship for that matter that could be hindering your success. Those emotions are also stored in the fat cells.  Your liver and gallbladder holds onto frustration, anger, and resentment. If you had a not so healthy relationship with a parent growing up and never let it go, then that will get stored in the subconscious and in our organs.

Providing a cleanse that are based off from your bodies own unique chemistry we address the root problem to your health issues.  Offering truly effective wellness programs we are easily accessible to areas such as Brighton Mi, Novi Mi, Ann Arbor, Canton Mi, Dexter, Plymouth, Whitmore Lake, Heartland, South Lyon, Troy MI and other cities located in both Oakland and Livingston County MI. 

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