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About Us

Located in Howell Michigan, Nourishing Ways Center is a functional medicine (restorative health) office that is the home to registered functional medicine dietitian and a massage therapist.  We offer a personalized approach in the journey to better health.  Whether it is regarding losing weight or gut health, we will help get you to optimal health.

Our registered nutritionist/dietitian provides individualized comprehensive programs that place you on the path for long-term health success.  Consulting with you on proper eating habits and a high quality nutritional supplementation, and lifestyle changes, we will build a customized guide for you to rely upon.  Our goal is to heal your body from inside out, not mask the problem with medications.  

We are also doing facial diagnosis with every new client.  You will learn about your personality and get more precise of optimal health based on what your face shows.  It can tell so many things such as is there a sluggish liver, gallbladder or even a sluggish colon or digestive issues.

We believe that cleaning your internal environment is just as important as your external environment.  Our bodies are full of toxins from chemicals, pesticides, candida, parasites, and mold.  If you have never cleaned the outside or the inside, then you are long overdue to help that body run as effecient as possible.  Did you know your liver is one of the most important organ (as far as fat burning)?  Well, now you do.  Nobody talks about and there isn't a good test out there for that either. Medications are synthetic and affect the liver in a very negative way.

We offer a variety of testing to our clients.  We have a DNA stool test that looks at viruses, bacteria, parasites.  We have a 264 functional food sensitivity test. Also, we may do lab testing that looks at the MTHFR gene and vitamin D.

In doing so we help foster habits that are properly aligned with your health and weight loss goals, which in turn enables you to not only obtain but also sustain your desired lifestyle changes. 

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Good health starts with your food. The old saying of "garbage in garbage out" rings true at Nourishing Ways Center.  In America, we eat the traditional SAD (standard american diet).  This causes too much inflammation and that is where disease and weight gain starts.  Our outside and inside environment are very important to keep clean in order to prevent dis-ease and prevention of weight gain.  

What we mean by that is that the things we put on our bodies and what we breathe are just as important as what we put in our body to help keep all of our organs clean.  Our colon, our liver and gallbladder aren't talked about a whole lot in the conventional medicine world.  It is very important in the whole body approach to weight loss and keeping us healthy.  In this day and age, we are taking in more toxins in the body than our liver is able to excrete.  So, in a 24 hour period, a person may take in 2 million toxins every day and our liver may only be able to get rid of half of that.  Our colon and our lungs take the most of that toxins.  Eventually, our liver can't handle that amount of toxins anymore and it starts to store the toxins in our fat cells as a protection mechanism.

Providing you with an education on proper nutrition by cleansing internally and our lifestyle (toxins from outside), our registerd functionial medicine dietitian will work closely with clients in developing custom built plans that support you in achieving desired health goals. It is not calories in and calories out.  It is about toxins in and toxins out!!

Natural weight management can be easy once we find the hidden causes that may be deterring you from your goals.

Knowledge is key, and success is habit.

  • Are you lying awake for hours when you should be sleeping?
  • Do you feel you have brain fog that needs to be lifted?
  • Do you need more energy?
  • Would you like to lose weight and are finding it very difficult no matter what you try?
  • Do you think you might have a gluten intolerance?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, then let's take the next step towards your natural weight loss journey. 

Supplements & Testing 

Supplements For maximum results when working towards weight loss or optimal health, its important that your body is receiving the proper levels of nutrition.  

Often times this can be a difficult task to achieve even if your are eating a well balance diet already.  To address this malnutrition, we recommend pharmaceutical grade supplementation as a great way to fill this gap.

Our  dietitian will consult you on which supplements may be necessary to take  and how they relate to your health goals.   Less is best.

 We also offer a food sensitivity test and a DNA stool test for bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc.

Not everyone requires testing, however the more insight we have the better recommendations our dietitian can make. 

Dietitian Health Tips

Health Coaching and Diet Programs In Brighton Michigan Troy and Novi

Did You Know?  Drinking distilled water helps boost your metabolism, while cleansing your body of waste, and acting as an appetite suppressant. Also, drinking more water helps your body stop retaining water, leading you to drop those extra pounds of water weight.  Distilled only provides clean water without the added toxins in regular water.  It doesn't have added minerals which are calcifying our bodies because it is inorganic minerals.  Organic minerals comes from our fruits and veggies.  Water is to be made clean.

While our dietitians are providing customized action plans, we are often publishing more in-depth tips on achieving quality health that last a life time.

We cover topics such as xeno-estrogens, home detox regimen, how to  choose a healthy sea salt, toxins, and healthy oil facts.

Fitness & Resources 

Weight-loss Coaches Brighton, Troy, Novi Michigan

In addition to proper nutrition, personal fitness,  flexibility, and healthy lifestyle habits, these  all play a valuable role in weight loss and disease prevention.

You will find within our resource page that we have recommended two of our preferred personal fitness trainers in the Howell/Brighton area.    

Our  resource page  also  include information on psychologists,  health journaling, organic food delivery, alkaline coffee, and natural food-based chefs.  

Recovery & Massage Therapy

Brighton Michigan Massage Therapy

Rest and massage therapy can play a critical role in your over all health and success of your health coach plans.

 When your not working out or cooking up some of the diet meal plans provided by our Michigan Registered Functional Medicine Dietitian, you should be recouping. 

Providing in house massage option we have what you need to relax and recover. Jenn does relaxation and therapeutic massage and other modalities as well.

A Few Of Our Weight Loss Success Stories

"Darci provided the information and emotional support to help me lose 125 pounds!

What I particularly appreciated was the fact that she would respond to my e-mails every time I had a question about what (or what not) to eat!

Her knowledge of nutrition and exercise is truly impressive. She has my highest recommendation.”Valerie, Brighton MI

Nourishing Ways Center’s client Wilhemina lost 125 pounds and kept it off with Darci's natural weight loss coaching. *

* Wilhemina did not participate in the Shape Reclaimed Program

Michigan Registered Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist

Brighton Michigan Dietitian

Darci Noonchester, MS, RD, of  Nourishing Ways Center, is a registered dietitian and an exercise physiologist located in Howell Michigan.  Our Michigan Based Dietitian helps people to lose weight while keeping their muscle and raising their metabolism.  

 It should be known that if you have any of the below  conditions, you could be restricted in achieving natural weight loss and feeling better and we can help you:  

  • Candida Overgrowth
  • Detoxification Need
  • Digestive Disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Parasites
  • Gluten Intolerance
  • High Cholesterol
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Hypertension / High Blood Pressure
  • Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
  • Obesity and Obesity Related Health Problems
  • Insomnia

Darci Noonchester, our Michigan Dietitian, will help you resolve these health problems and then natural weight management and natural weight loss will be easy.  Getting back to an optimal health state is our goal.  Even getting off medications could be possible.  We are also doing facial diagnosis to better your health and wellness.  We can gather great information by analyzing your face.

As a Michigan registered dietitian, Darci consults with clients for weight loss, weight management, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol, metabolic syndrome, stress-related disorders, PMS, fatigue, menopause, conditions related to overweight - obesity and osteoporosis.  

Our Dietitian of Michigan proudly provide weight-loss coaching, natural weight management programs MI, and natural weight loss programs MI.    Nourishing Ways Center is located in Howell Michigan which is easily accessible from Hamburg, Brighton, Milford, New Hudson, Northfield, Pinckney, Whitmore Lake, South Lyon, Novi, Troy Ann Arbor MI and other cities in Oakland County, and Livingston County MI.

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