Health & Wellness Coaching | Michigan

Providing Health & Wellness Coaching Throughout Your Weight Loss Journey

A Health and Wellness coach takes the roll of a dietitian a step further than just prescribing a recommended diet and meal plan.  The foundation of this type of relationships is based on guidance, education, motivation, commitment, and accountability. 

When you become a client with Nourishing Ways Center this is exactly what you should expect to experience.  We not only have a passion for the education of healthy living be we also care deeply for each and every one of our clients. 

What to expect from our Health and Wellness Coaches

When in our offices our registered dietitians will be consulting your on a vast array of weight loss dieting, meal plans, poor dieting side effects, and ways to improve your long term health. 

But what happens when you leave?  

Rest assured, your not alone.  Our staff of nutritionist/dietitians will coach you though the process of health and wellness. We are proud to offer a variety of resources outside of the office.  Such assets include the hosting of scheduled weight loss programs, health education and awareness group sessions, grocery shopping tours and much more! 

We also provide a  blog content with weight loss recipes, work out tips, and general wellness knowledge. 

We want you to do better than you've done and with our heath/wellness coach service we believe that anyone can achieve your goals.