Simple Home Detox Program

 When you get up in the morning drink:  
•2 Tbsp organic olive oil with the juice of 1/2 fresh lemon
•An hour later drink Detox Tea or take Milk Thistle capsules
•You can then eat a healthy breakfast.Simple Home
Detox Program Schedule:
•Detox Program for 10 days

•Stop for 5 days
•Repeat these two steps

What are Xeno Estrogens?
Darci explains:
•Xeno estrogens are "fake" estrogens that our toxic to our bodies.
•One source of xeno estrogens is through milk products, beef, and chicken, if they are not organic.
•Another source of xeno estrogens is through plastic containers.  
Use water bottles that have a ceramic liner

Which sea salt should I use?
Darci explains:
• The difference between different brands of sea salt
• Which brand of sea salt is the best

What is Coconut oil good for? 
Darci explains:
• Can substitute coconut oil for olive oil
• Coconut oil can be used at a high temperature
• Coconut oil helps with cholesterol, stress, weight loss, anti-aging, digestion, balances blood sugar.

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